10 Easy Sandwich Fillings that kids love

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Making sandwiches for lunches is a daily routine for a lot of us but I think the hard work is trying to come up with something different to put on them. 

We are all about easy and healthy lunches so here are a few favourites. 

1. Left over roast chicken, avocado & mayonaise

2. Ricotta, Grated Carrot & Sultanas

3. Sushi Sandwich - (great for using up bread that's a few days old) Use a rolling pin to roll slice of bread flat. Add avocado, carrot & cucumber. Roll up like Sushi

4. Egg & Lettuce - Mash the boiled eggs with mayo, let cool and keep in the fridge and use for two days of lunches. Cut the lettuce and store in a container in the fridge. Quick filling, ready to go. 

5. Left over roast vegies & fetta

6. Left over rissoles & tomato sauce

7. Roast Beef & smoked cheese. Really good toasted so make yourself one for lunch also.

8. Ricotta, grated brocolli, grated carrot, corn. The ricotta hides the vegies nicely. 

9. Vegemite and thinly sliced apple

10. Grated carrot & grated cheese - grate both ahead of time and store in the fridge for quick sandwiches.

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