How we select our products

How do we choose our featured snacks

Lunchbox Pals delivers only the best, hand-selected products to its members every month. As a family-owned and operated business, our priority is giving parents an easy way to make healthier choices for their kids every day—and our assessment process reflects this.

First and foremost, our goal is to deliver quality products that pass our assessment process, which has been developed in consultation with an accredited, practising Dietitian. Mums and Dads across Australia, our promise is to deliver tasty products that contain wholesome and nutritious ingredients that complement other lunchbox contents. 

What we do NOT do: no company can push us into adding a snack that falls short of our rigorous standards. Everything in a Lunchbox Pals package is there because it has met the guidelines and earned its place.

The snacks we include are a healthier way to keep your kids fuller for longer.

Sometimes you have to wonder where kids get their boundless, seemingly unlimited energy from! It’s from foods made with the right stuff. 

What we look for: 

  • Increased Goodies, such as fibre, protein, vitamins & minerals and ingredients that are simple and minimally processed.
  • Reduced Baddies, such as added sugar, salt and saturated fats as well as artificial flavours, colours & preservatives. 

Once a company contacts us with their product, we analyse the ingredients and grade each and every product.

To make it easy we have implemented our own exclusive product rating program, The 'Lunchbox Pals Apple Rating'.  Developed in consultation with an Accredited, Practising Dietitian and based around the Australian Dietary Guidelines we assess products around the following characteristics: Total & saturated fat content , Fibre, Energy (kilojoules) per serving, Added sugars, Sodium (salt), Artificial colours, flavours & preservatives, Simple, minimally processed ingredients & portion size. 

Our exclusive 'Lunchbox Pals Apple Rating' 

Apple Rating
Description Invited to Lunchbox Pals
apple health rating Nope No
apple health ratingapple health rating Try Again  No 
apple health ratingapple health ratingapple health rating Good Yes
apple health ratingapple health ratingapple health ratingapple health rating Great Yes
apple health ratingapple health ratingapple health ratingapple health ratingapple health rating Perfect Yes, with open arms

We don’t believe that healthier eating means tasteless and boring either—all our snacks have been taste tested as well to ensure they are super-tasty as well as healthier

Every box we send out is jam-packed with yummy food that has passed our quality control—no exceptions. Lunchbox Pals gives you lunches proven to be healthier—just pack and go! 

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