June Box Reveal

Our June Boxes are on their way out to customers, filled with amazing products. 

Lunchbox Pals June Box

Here are just some of our favourite products 

Nutra Oranics Berry Choc Chunk                                      Lunchbox Pals Nutra Organics Berry Choc ChunkThese delicious bars are certified Organic wholefoods packed with magnesium, iron, omegas, vitamins, minerals & antioxidents. The bar is also low G.I to help keep the kids  energised and focused for longer thoughout the day. They are packed with so much          goodness that we like cut into little bite sized pieces and split over a few days. 
                        No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Flavours & No Preservatives. 
                                   Gluten Free - Corn Free - GMO Free  & Vegan



Emma & Toms - Seed Slice


































An all natural bar made with a combination of six different seeds, mixed with goji berries and raisins and held together with honey and brown rice syrup. 14% Protein,  
No Artificial Colours, No Artificial  Flavours & No Preservatives.
Gluten Free - Vegan

Harvest Box - Health Bombs Goji, Chia, Cashew & Almond






    Lunchbox Pals Harvest Box Health Bombs
All natural cold-pressed mini bites of goodness made with dried fruits & nuts. High in fibre and no added sugar. We love these with our mid-morning coffee, so make the kids share and enjoy these yourself. 
No Artificial Colours, No Artificial  Flavours & No Preservatives. 


The Happy Snack Company - Lightly Salted Fav-va Beans

                                                            Lunchbox pals Happy Snack Company Fav-va Beans

Super Crunchy, all natural snack that are high in fibre. Great after-school snack, they fill the                                                       spot but don't ruin dinner.  
                                                      Nut Free - Gluten Free

 Joy Foods - Chewy Raspberry Tops                          

                                                               Lunchbox Pals Joy Foods muesli bar       
We had to include an good old fashioned muesli bar but this one is a bit special as it has been                                      awarded the 2017 healthy snack of the year.
                                      No Artificial Colours, No Artificial  Flavours


We have sold out of the June Box, but, Good News, orders are open for our July boxes. Plus don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get your unique 10% discount code which can be used on your first box.                                  





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