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Today's 'let me introduce' blog has taken me to the golden beaches and swaying palm trees of North Queensland....not literally unfortunately.....and straight to the wonderful Casey from Beach Harvest.

 Beach harvest lunchbox pals partner

Tell us a little about yourself? 

My name is Casey, I'm 36, full time mother of 3 and full time business owner.  I'm originally from Colorado, USA, but have called Australia home for 13 years and am blessed to be a dual citizen of both countries.  I grew up in the restaurant business - I have a foundation of appreciation of quality food, excellent customer service, and working hand-in-hand with family.  I've previously worked in politics, journalism, and luxury real estate.... of course, all pre-children. Seems like a lifetime ago!

Why did you start the business? 

Like all mums, I wanted the best for my kids. I spent a lot of time researching healthy food, balanced diets, preservative-free food. Finding these foods was not only difficult, but often times the kids wouldn't eat it. I read about the benefits of coconuts, and tried to feed some fresh raw coconut to my kids and they wouldn't touch it.  D'oh!  After lots of experimenting, I came up with our coconut chip.  I shared them with other families at playgroups and mums were thrilled when their kids liked them!  I started taking local orders, and then did the local markets.  I started getting interstate inquiries, so I set up a website.  It's gone up from there.  I had previous about SEO (search engine optimisation), which was hugely beneficial.  Because we are a very unique company, we get a lot of media attention, including ABC Landline and Channel 10 The Living Room.  

For you, What’s the most rewarding part of your business? 

I love making a healthy, sustainable, aussie food product. Many of our customers have strict dietary requirements, and they are thrilled when they find us because their food options are usually very limited. I also love it when my kids ask for the coconut chips in their lunchbox!  

What’s next in your business? 

I'm currently working on a vegan coconut veggie roll - think "sausage roll" but with coconut!  My kids LOVE them, and like all parents know, the kids are the toughest & most honest critics. I am always thinking of new coconut chip flavours - in fact, I currently am working on a BBQ chip! The kitchen smells great, so I think it could be a winner, too.

So much happening at Beach Harvest, thanks so much Casey for your time x

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