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Just jerky

On my search for amazing products to bring to you each and every month I get to meet equally amazing business owners and today I interviewed Elisa from Just Jerky. I asked Elisa a few questions about running her deliciously successful business.... 


Tell us a little about yourself?

I'd love too! This may make you a little dizzy...

I have a healthy obsession with food and cooking - It started a (few more than a few) years back whilst I was attending art school. Since then I have lived in three different states and in both small towns and big cities. I was a fermentation nerd way before it became trendy and ran workshops encouraging people to fall in love with Kimchi and Kombucha. My greatest loves are my husband, Billy (dog-child), Screechy (talking parrot-child),  the ocean and Japan - not always in that order ;) 

Why did you start the business?

Somewhere amidst the above journey (mostly around my deep fermentation days) I became fascinated with the notion of food preservation and its importance to us as cooks but also as a culture and society. What my husband had snacked on and adored as a convenient snack was so much more to me once I understood it as one of the oldest forms of preserving meat. I wanted beef jerky to be accessible to all, including women and kids who had long been forgotten by the existing makers in the market. Also, I wanted to have a crack at making something tasty that most people (including those that had previously been 'put off' by jerky) would enjoy!

For you, What’s the most rewarding part of your business?

Big question - but without doubt it is having a stranger come up to you saying that they love your product and have been eating it for a while - THIS IS JUST CRAZY! So thankful that there are customers out their enjoying our creations. 

What’s next in your business?

Exciting things! This year we will be releasing a new flavour and I'm currently working on some new products..... I'll give you the smallest hint - there is not a trace of beef to be found! 

I loved hearing all about Elisa and the Just Jerky journey. If you haven't got your April Mums snack pack order one now so you can try this super-star product. Not only will you get a full packet of jerky to try there is an exclusive discount so you can top back up at great prices. 

Thanks so much for your time Elisa xx 

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