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Today's 'let me introduce' blog brings us to the owners behind a product that takes to the skies everyday. 

 Lunchbox Pals partner tinkernicks

Tell us a little about yourself? 

Tinkernicks is Mike, Victoria and Kat. Mike started the business over 8 years ago, initially making vegan cookies from a commercial kitchen and supplying inner city cafes. Over time the business evolved towards away from food service, and towards the health food industry. Victoria and Mike are Kiwis who have lived in Melbourne for just over 10 years. They love food, the great ginger cat they live with, and getting away into the country for weekends. Kat is a third addition to Tinkernicks and is based in sunny Queensland. 

Why did you start the business? 

Tinkernicks was born out of an interest in food and an interest in business. We like the idea of creating great products within the challenges and practicalities of the commercial world. We set off with the assumption that there would plenty to learn, and many obstacles to overcome, in order to be a provider of quality snack options.

For you, What’s the most rewarding part of your business? 

We really enjoy the design aspect of creating products. There is a sense of achievement seeing ideas materialise and having a recognised brand. It can be very difficult to survive in business, and it’s been a long road. For that reason it’s very gratifying to see our products in the market and on Virgin Australia Airlines. We’re proud to have achieved the goals we set out with, and plan to build upon what we’ve established. 

What’s next in your business? 

More products. We’re including chocolate and mixed nuts into our product line. We’ll be sticking to minimal ingredients, focusing on wholefoods and retaining our claims - vegan, organic, gluten free and mostly raw. Exciting and delicious times up ahead!! 

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