Lunchbox Pals Mums Snack Box Review

Below is an amazing review of our newest box, The Mums Healthy Snack Box,  from Mandy at 'My Lovely Little Nest'....


"I was so very kindly gifted this super healthy snack box by the lovely Krystal over at Lunchbox Pals.

The concept is brilliant, and perfect for busy Mums wanting to pack healthier snacks in the kids lunch box, knowing they have been tried and tested by Krystal’s family and don’t contain any hidden nasties.

I had only ever tried the roasted fav-va 
beans prior to this pack arriving, I hadn’t even seen any of the other items before, so this was a great way to try a few new goodies. I may or may not have had to wrestle my four year old for the crispy beetroot slices, they were a huge hit!

Lunchbox Pals offer a monthly subscription program where you can have a variety of healthy snacks & treats delivered to your door, or alternatively you can select a single box without subscribing to give it a whirl.

I absolutely love supporting small business, and I think what Krystal has created is nothing short of amazing. I personally become overwhelmed in the supermarket trying to work out what is healthy and what isn’t, and love these boxes take away all the guess work.

Thank you again Krystal, and if anyone would like to know more about the products or how to subscribe, you can check out the website here -


Xxx "


You can order your own box here


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