Growing up sandwiches were typical school lunchbox staple, usually with ham or vegemite. It didn't change too much for the 12 years of my schooling....needless to say I am not the greatest fan of ham sandwiches anymore. 

School lunch options have come a long way since then and our kids are lucky enough to have a wide range of options. One of our favourites is swapping sandwiches for wraps. Wrap are easy, versatile and tasty, your kids can actually enjoy the flavours and nutrients of the fillings instead of chewing on a mouthful of bread. 

Here are some of our favourite fillings: 

Crunchy Veggie and Cream Cheese Wrap (rainbow wrap)
Lunchbox Pals wrap filling ideas

Spread with cream cheese and top with your kids favourite veggies. So easy, so quick, so healthy...Everyone is the winner here. 

Mexican Wrap 
Lunchbox Pals wrap filling ideas

Spread with avocado, top with cooked brown rice, kidney beans, cheese and even a little lettuce for that bit of crunch. 

Fruit Wrap
Lunchbox Pals wrap filling ideas
Not all wraps need to be savoury. This is a dessert wrap but completely healthy. Spread with yoghurt, top with your kids favourite fruits. This one would be perfect for an afterschool snack. 



Photos and recipes from Super Healthy Kids


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