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The story behind Lunchbox Pals     

Hi & a huge welcome to our page! If you're here, you're probably a lot like me, forever on-the-go & forever looking for lunchbox ideas.....This is what started the Lunchbox Pals journey. 

I enjoy cooking and baking foods for lunches, but a few things tend to get in my way every now and again, time & ideas! What I really wanted for those days was some junk-free snacks that would easily add variety and compliment the healthy lunchbox I've just tried to create. 

A simple trip to the supermarket taught me that finding real-world snacks (I'm not talking kale sprinkled with chia seeds) that were junk-free and the kids were actually going to eat them was not so simple. So many of the 'popular' products marketed at kids were so full of additivies, sugar & salt I couldn't believe it. I knew there must be healthier alternatives out there. 

After speaking to other Mums, it seemed we were looking for the same thing, 'healthy lunchbox snacks', but just like me, Mums were fed up trying to find the perfect snacks.

I wanted to help busy Mums, myself included by making the Lunchbox routine quicker but still following that healthy lifestyle. I launched Lunchbox Pals and my first goal was to team up with an accredited practising dietitian that specialises in children's nutrition. With Deb we created a benchmark for the ultimate healthier lunchbox snack. With criteria-in-hand we go door-to-door seeking only the best lunchbox ready snacks turning away those that run short of our requirements.

Mums were loving what they were seeing in their kids boxes and started asking for a similar snack box for themselves....so we have introduced the Mums On-the-Go healthy snack box. 

As a Mum I know how busy things get and I'm so proud to offer you a service that truly makes lunchbox preparation and snacking on-the-go easier and healthier all thanks to our locally sourced, nutritious and delicious snacks.


I'm lucky to be surrounded by some amazing ladies that equally share my passion for healthy eating and to be able to share their wealth of knowledge with you......


Maddie Race - Top Health Coach for Mums

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